The use of cranes to remove large dangerous trees has become commonplace in modern arboriculture. A 35 ton crane allows us to make quick work of even the largest trees. Cranes are especially useful when the tree is in an inaccessible area, because with a crane we can quickly move large sections of the tree, (often weighing several tons) to the road or driveway, where it is easily chipped and loaded. And a crane often allows us to remove a large structurally compromised tree without putting any additional force on the tree. This is altogether safer for the tree, the climber, and the property.

Daniel exclusively uses the Crane Man Inc., operated by Pete Nieves-Sosa. Pete has a reputation as the best operator for tree work in the area. Pete has been operating cranes exclusively, doing tree work since 1999. His experience and expertise combined with Daniel’s advanced cutting skills gives us the confidence to easily remove the most difficult and dangerous trees.

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