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Welcome to our video gallery. Please click on any of the links to see examples of our work with trees. At present we have more than 70 videos uploaded on You tube, showing examples of tree falling, pruning, climbing, cabling, working from the bucket truck, and technical rigging operations, including the use of both cranes, ropes, and pulleys to safely control the decent of large limbs and wood.

Most of these videos are documentary style, which simply show the work, both with and without music, while several are training videos, designed to demonstrate and teach advanced concepts, skills and techniques to other arborists. At present, this is the broadest collection of you tube videos in the world, demonstrating and teaching many of the advanced climbing, cutting, pruning, rigging, and falling techniques used by professional arborists. The publication of these videos has earned Daniel Murphy and world-wide reputation amongst professional arborists, and been the subject of conversation on internet forums internationally.


Tree Felling
Big Oak Threads Needle Backleaners Backleaning Locust
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Storm Damage
Locust Off House Widowmakers Maple Off Roof
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Pruning Crimson Maple Tulip Tip Prune Prune & Cable declining Maple
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Educational & Training
Tree Felling Directional Steering Step Cut 2 Plunged Vertical Snap Cuts
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Tree Removal Documentary
Treework Big Oak Top Threads Needle Siberian Elm Removal Rebel Rd Oak Removal
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Bucket Rigging & Aeiral Lift
Sweet Gum Part 1 Sweet Gum Part 2
Falling Compilations
Cuttin Trees 1 Falling Large Tree Tops Falling Compilation 2
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Climbing & Cabling
Footlocking Upside-down Limb Walk Lessons from a Bad Cable
Worried About Your Lawn?
Turf Friendly Tree Care
Stump Grinding & Clean-up
Any stump, Any Size, Any Place Want Your Stump Out Now?