Daniel is an expert at pruning all types of shrubs from large evergreens such as holly, Yew, and Japanese Holly, to flowering foundation plants such as rhododendron and azaleas. Flowering shrubs should be pruned after the flowers are finished and before flower buds for the next year set in. For most flowering shrubs in our climate pruning should be done by the end of June. Daniel can take an over-grown shrub and reducing its size while rejuvenating it to good health in an aesthetically pleasing way. There are various techniques for properly pruning shrubs, depending on the species and condition of the shrub and the property owner’s wants. Many overgrown shrubs can be reduced in size by removing approximately one-third the oldest canes. Medium canes are then cut back to live shoots to further reduce the shrub’s size. Daniel uses handsaws, loppers and pruners to keep shrubs structurally sound and vigorous, while reducing their size.

Many overgrown shrubs will rejuvenate after being cut back to 1 to 3 foot stubs with a chain saw. Others require meticulous hand pruning to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing effect. I will meet with you, listen to your concerns, evaluate the health and condition of your shrubs, discuss their purpose and placement in the overall landscape, and together we will develop a plan for pruning or removal that meets your needs and budget.

Shrub Before 1a
Shrub After 1
Shrub Interior Before 2
Shrub Interior After 2a


Shrub Before 3
Shrub During 3a
Shrub During 3c
Shrub After 3b