“I don’t just want satisfied customers. I want each
and every customer to be thrilled”. – Daniel Murphy
Daniel behind bench before trees
..:: Credentials ::..
  • ISA certified arborist
    (Largest trade association in the world).
  • Published author; appearing twice on the cover of TCI Magazine; July 2004 & June 2006. (This is the largest trade journal in the world. The 2006 article on Footlocking was acknowledged by a leader in the industry as “the most complete work on the subject ever published in writing or on video”.
  • Invited to speak at the ISA Intl. Symposium
  • BA n Economics & Philosophy
    (If a tree fell in your yard, and Daniel wasn’t there to cut it, would anyone want to be near it?)

Daniel Murphy is an ISA certified arborist with 30+ year’s experience. Daniel will personally evaluate your trees, listen to your concerns, and give you advice based on the latest science, and his practical knowledge of trees which comes from 3 decades of hands on experience.

Daniel Murphy possesses the skill, knowledge and experience of a master, combined with some of the best equipment money can buy, and great attention to customer service. The result is that you get excellent tree care at a competitive price.

Daniel’s credentials are unparalleled. He has been featured on the cover of Tree Care Industry Magazine twice (the largest trade journal in the world), and has been invited to present at the International Symposium of the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture); which is the largest trade association in the world), and as of Fall 2010 Daniel has the broadest collection of technical YouTube tree videos of anyone in the world “Murphy’s Channel”.